During the service


What to expect from a funeral service?

We see more and more personalised funerals, but the service will most likely build on the same core concepts. It will usually take place in a church or chapel, or at a place that was special to the person or the family, such as a beach, a garden, the local RSL or the family home. You'd be surprised by how many ways in which your funeral director can help you create a funeral service that truly reflects the life and values of your loved one, making it unique to them.


May I participate in a funeral service?

Yes. Ann Wilson Funerals encourages families to participate in a funeral service. For example you can form a guard of honour or deliver a eulogy. You can decorate the coffin or you can release doves, butterflies or balloons at the end of the service. Participating in the funeral allows you to express your feelings more meaningfully and will give the service a more personal touch.


Should children attend a funeral, family gathering or 'wake'?

The death of a family member can be a very confusing and bewildering experience for children. Attending a funeral may be helpful for a child to realise the finality of death, and also allows the them to share in the emotional experience with the family. However, you should not insist that they attend. 

Let the children express sorrow in their own way and do not force ideas on them, such as grieving or funeral attendance. Talk with younger children. If they want to attend the funeral, prepare them for the experience and answer any questions they may have. We’ve found that children want to be involved - not left out. Being part of the gathering means they are surrounded by the care and support of family members. 


Should I request donations to a charity rather than flowers?

This is entirely up to you. Even if the family doesn’t request flowers some people will still feel more comfortable sending them.