MyMemorial - A Memorial Resource

People move all through their lives. A memorial in a memorial park or garden offers a physical place to visit and remember a loved one. A place where memories can last. 

Planning ahead and preparing a place where you and your family can always be together can provide a sense of comfort and permanency. A memorial in a Memorial Park or Garden means the land has been set aside for the sole purpose of memorialising. So you can rest assured you and your family can be together forever. Planning and securing your memorial ahead of time also means you avoid inflation increases and lock in at today’s cost.

A memorial is a marker of a life lived in a permanent and secure setting means future generations are able to pay their respects and commemorate that life. Memorials can provide comfort on significant dates such as birthdays, anniversaries and public holidays. They also provide a historical and genealogical record for your ancestry that helps future generations understand their heritage.

From a traditional wall niche or headstone, to elegant garden memorials, there are many options to tailor the memorial to reflect the individual or the family. Memorials can also reflect your cultural and religious identity. 

HeavenAddress Online Memorials

Heaven address

An online memorial can be very healing to those who are missing a loved one. You can visit it whenever you like to express whatever is in your heart, and you can share music, video moments and your memories of someone truly special to you.

At Allan Drew Funerals we will offer you a complimentary HeavenAddress memorial when you arrange a funeral service with us. You can control who accesses and contributes to your loved one’s page and it is customisable to your needs.

Some of the things you can do on HeavenAddress include:

  • Post music, photo’s or video clips
  • Add testimonials, stories, eulogies, tributes and offer prayers and condolences
  • Send a flower or light a candle
  • Link to community groups and charity organisations
  • Add information and links on family history/genealogy

An online memorial from HeavenAddress provides a permanent online space where a life can be celebrated, their interests commemorated, and those that love them can support each other.